Meet Ellie 2022

Ellie McCool is a very bright, beautiful and gentle soul.  In her silence, she speaks about love and hope to those she encounters.  In spite of her inability to walk, talk, or make purposeful movements, Ellie connects with others through her eyes and forms enduring friendships.  In high school, where she received a fully integrated education right next to her typical peers, Ellie’s legacy is being an ambassador for acceptance and inclusion.  With an attitude of hope and courage, she has participated in ground-breaking medical research.  This girl is a trail-blazer.  Ellie continues her work of bringing about an understanding of Rett syndrome and the importance of inclusion wherever she goes.  Ellie also has an active spiritual life, participating in ministries and enriching her own faith and the faith of others within the Archdiocese of St. Louis.   

Ellie at 4 months old.
Ellie at 23 years old.